Weight Watchers???

I’ve always heard wonderful things about Weight Watchers and I’ve been seriously considering it for weeks now. It seems there’s a few plans out there Points Plus and Smart Points. From what I’ve read, it seems like Smart Points gets a little more specific with regard to sugar/carb intake and protein intake and in doing so is showing more results quicker.

I’m just doing basic calorie counting right now and I am getting decent results, so it’s hard for me to not want to save my money and keep to my current plan. The thing is, I hear a lot of people say that Weight Watchers is the one “diet” that people seem to find easier to stick with which is very beneficial to me (given my history of bingeing, falling off the wagon, and indulging in treats).

Right now, there’s a deal going on where the sign up is free and if you lose 10 lbs within the first two months on the program, they’ll refund those two months or credit you going forward…It’s really tempting, and my birthday is coming up. Maybe it will be my treat to myself.


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