Holiday Eating and Back on Track

Yesterday was Memorial Day and my mom decided to have a BBQ at my grandmother’s house with family. I didn’t cook anything because my mom and grandmother both have this thing about making food for far too many people, so no extra food is ever necessary. Now unlike me, my mom is a phenomenal cook. I’ve never met a person who hasn’t thoroughly enjoyed her food. Fortunately for me, she found a recipe that was suitable for my diet: Chef John’s Grilled Garlic and Herb Shrimp. If you have a grill and know how to use it, I definitely recommend giving it a shot. Pair it with some grilled veggies or a salad. Yum! I also had a small bite of the dessert she made: Butterscotch Delight. It was really hard to stop at one bite, but I managed.

Unfortunately, I came home and binged. I ate a whole moon cake because I knew I’d never throw it away, and the sooner it was gone, the sooner I could get back on track. I also was craving something really salty…I turned to reduced sodium salami. It was good, but I definitely regretted it after the fact. That was my first really big slip up. It sucks that it happened, but I’m glad it happened now rather than later. I am definitely more vigilant now and the will is even stronger. For the record, I did exercise harder to “make up” for the overeating. I don’t know that it actually makes up for it, but at least I exercised. I did the Fat Burning Cardio section from Hip Hop Abs twice in a row. I felt like I wanted to vomit, and I don’t intend to ever feel that way again.


I got back on track today, though, and I tried another new recipe from Skinnytaste! Every once in a while, comfort food sounds extra amazing and there was Shepherd’s Pie Lightened Up. Again, I swapped the ground beef for ground turkey. I haven’t been missing the beef in these ground meat dishes, so why not keep with ground turkey. I also substituted mashed cauliflower for the mashed potatoes. I used the directions from this recipe to make the mashed cauliflower. I plan on making this recipe for lunch tomorrow. Everyone ate it up again! The dude started with a recommended serving and then got up to get more before he even finished that haha. The girls liked it, too. Sweets kept smelling the air as I was cooking and saying, “Mmmm….that smells yummy! I’m so hungry!” Looking forward to another great meal tomorrow. I’m trying to work on getting ahead of the game and start meal planning, but it’s a little hard for me. Any tips?


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