Mostly Successful Swedish Meatballs


When I think of Swedish meatballs, I think of one thing…Ikea’s food area and their super cheap meals. I’ve only eaten there once. I can’t remember what I had or if it was good…hmmmm…now I want to go to Ikea. I love Ikea.

Back to the matter at hand. I had this sirloin in the fridge that needs to be cooked in the next couple of days and my one year old seems to enjoy beef more than chicken, so I was looking for a recipe that I could make to use it. I figured I could use this Swedish meatball recipe (again from Skinnytaste) and just make the beef for the girls and stick it in the sauce. I also still made the meatballs. Again, I substituted ground turkey for the ground beef and instead of egg noodles like the normal dish, I did zoodles again.

Well, I cooked the beef and made the meatballs, but I kind of messed up on the sauce. I was supposed to simmer it for a bit and let it thicken, but me not being the most experienced cook, I simmered it for more than a little bit because I didn’t see it thickening. Well, I took it off the heat and it really thickened haha. So, there was hardly any sauce and I also forgot to season the sirloin at all…I mean, even salt. I could have given it to the girls, but I’m pretty sure neither of them would have eaten it (because who wants to eat unseasoned beef?), so I took a gamble and gave them the meatballs.

They both seemed to enjoy them! My four year old had 4 (normal serving according to the recipe was 5) and my one year old had one. Those meatballs were so flavorful! Oh! I also forgot the allspice. I’m not sure what allspice tastes like, but I didn’t miss it. But yeah, so flavorful! Especially considering we didn’t have much sauce to spare.

I have to say, this Gina (author of Skinnytaste), really knows what she’s doing. That’s three successful meals in a row. Well, mostly successful, but this error was definitely user error. You’ll probably see quite a few of those. Cooking has never been in my wheelhouse…I’ve never really even enjoyed it, but I’m starting to. There’s something extremely gratifying about making your own food, having it be healthy, and tasty to boot!


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